The Glamour

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Step into the mystical world of The Glamour, a spellbinding custom blended creation that defies the boundaries of reality. As you adorn your nails with this bewitching hue, prepare to be enchanted by the otherworldly transformation it bestows. A mesmerizing dance of purple to red to pink to copper to gold multichrome swirls like spectral mists, leaving a trail of ethereal allure that captivates all who dare to gaze upon it.  

Inspired by the glamour spell of changing one's appearance from something as subtle as eye color to hair color or even to look like someone else entirely. 

This polish is part of the Halloween 2023 Collection. 

Photo credit to Jemima Blog and Instagram
Photo credit to April Instagram
Photo credit to Fari Instagram
Photo credit to Deidre Instagram
Photo credit to Lisa at Cosmetic Sanctuary Blog and Instagram
Photo credit to Maritza Instagram

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