The Horrors Persist But So Do I

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The Horrors Persist But So Do I embodies resilience in a deep ruby hue, reminiscent of blood spilled in the darkest of nights. Within its depths, vibrant red to orange to gold shimmer swirls like flames of defiance against encroaching darkness. With each stroke, declare your strength and perseverance against the relentless tide of nightmares.

Inspired by the meme and how I thought my mom's death would break me (that's still TBD TBH). I've had to do things I never imagined I could do through sheer force of will and I realized I'm stronger than I thought. It feels like I'm leveling up but through challenging life events.

Part of the April 2024 Release.

Photo credit to Jemima Blog and Instagram
Photo credit to Deidre Instagram
Photo credit to Trisha Instagram
Photo credit to Ronita Instagram
Photo credit to Lisa at Cosmetic Sanctuary Blog and Instagram

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