Odds Bodkins!

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Behold the mesmerizing transformation as this mystical multichrome hue shifts from red to bronze to copper to gold, as if touched by the very essence of ancient alchemy. The magic intensifies with the green to teal to blue to purple multichrome magnetic pull, drawing you into a dance of colors that transcends the boundaries of the mortal realm.  In the moon's ghostly glow, twinkling silver holographic sparks ignite like celestial stars. As you brush on this unearthly elixir, silver reflective glitter emerges, like echoes of long-lost whispers from the beyond.

Inspired by the inspiration photo for this polish: an ethereal goddess against an aurora borealis galaxy. The name comes from the minced oath (a way of expressing surprise or annoyance without actually swearing) "Odds Bodkins" meaning "god's body."

This polish is part of the Halloween 2023 Collection. 

Photo credit to Jemima Blog and Instagram
Photo credit to April Instagram
Photo credit to Fari Instagram
Photo credit to Deidre Instagram
Photo credit to Lisa at Cosmetic Sanctuary Blog and Instagram
Photo credit to Maritza Instagram

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