Neodymium Bar Magnet

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Sold indivdually.  While most magnets will work in use with magnetic nail polish a strong neodymium magnet is recommend for a clean, tight line. 

How to use this bar magnet with magnetic nail polish

  1.  Prep nails with your favorite base coat.
  2. Apply 1 coat of Magnetic nail polish to all nails and let dry.
  3. Apply a second thick coat of magnetic polish on only one nail. Polish should be thick but not dripping.
  4. Immediately after applying the second coat hold the magnet 1/4th inch away from nail at a diagonal angle for magnetic design to go across the nail as pictured. Hold magnet for 20-30 seconds. Keep in mind the longer and closer you hold the magnet over your nail the stronger and clearer the design will be).
  5. Repeat with third coat if desired, holding the magnet over this coat as you did with the previous.
  6. Finish with your favorite top coat and again hold the magnet over the polish for 20-30 seconds after applying top coat.
  7. As the polish dries the design will spread out slightly. Again, the longer you hold the magnet in the previous steps the less it will spread.

 Photo credit to Kimberley Instagram