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Delve into the ethereal beauty of this pale lilac hue as it reveals the secrets of the supernatural world.  As you brush this mystical elixir onto your nails, prepare to be entranced by the ghostly gleam that emanates from within. Behold the unearthly dance of green to teal to blue to violet shifting shimmer, as if otherworldly spirits were swirling around your fingertips, leaving trails of their magical essence. The shimmering hues seem to whisper of long-forgotten magic, drawing you deeper into their mystical depths.   

This polish is part of the Halloween 2023 Collection. 

Photo credit to Jemima Blog and Instagram
Photo credit to April Instagram
Photo credit to Fari Instagram
Photo credit to Deidre Instagram
Photo credit to Lisa at Cosmetic Sanctuary Blog and Instagram
Photo credit to Maritza Instagram

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