Delicious Surprise

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For Polish Pickup's July Rewind After Party we're bringing back Delicious Surprise from February 2018's Sugar Rush theme!  This polish will ONLY be available from July 9 - July 31st.  Make sure to take advantage of our code SHIPFREE for free shipping on all U.S. orders $25 or more during the same period.
Delicious Surprise is a red jelly with gold microflakes, gold/green shifting shimmer, red/gold/green color shifting flakes and pink/gold/green metallic flakes.

Inspiration: Le Fraisier from Pix Patisserie
Three years ago I was able to visit my boyfriend in Beaverton, Oregon which is just outside of Portland. It was the happiest, most at home, and most relaxed I've ever been despite it being my first time visiting. One sunny and all too warm day we trekked to Pix Patisserie in northeast Portland. We bought a few different desserts to try once we got back home but the best among an assortment of exceptionally yummy treats was Le Frasier, a dessert made to look like a strawberry.
The flavors effortlessly switched from sweet to tart, strawberry to lemon, and back again. The texture of the mousse was by far the smoothest I’ve ever had and so light it defied explanation at how saturated it could be with flavor. I never knew food could taste this good! There were many perfect moments in that trip and Le Frasier was one of them.